Avoid the No-Zone

Have you ever checked your mirrors for oncoming traffic and begun to change lands, only to suddenly realize there’s a car right next to you? This happens because your car has a blind spot, an area outside of the car where other vehicles and objects are not visible. This situation can be a scary moment when you’re driving your car, but thankfully it’s often easy to correct and no collision occurs.

Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks also have blind spots and unlike your car, it’s not always easy for a large truck to correct itself if it’s encroaching on a vehicle that wasn’t clearly visible.

Blind spots on a tractor-trailer are often referred to as the “No-Zone” and they take up far more space than your passenger vehicle’s blind spots.

The “No-Zone” also includes areas where other cars are too close to allow the truck driver to stop or turn safely.

The most effective way to avoid a collision with a semi-truck or tractor trailer, is to avoid the “No-Zone.”








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