Escalator and Elevator Accidents and Injuries

Central Florida has some wonderful shopping malls. There’s Mall at Millenia with its upscale stores and high glass ceilings, kid-friendly Florida Mall and its new Dining Pavilion, the recently opened Disney Springs outdoor shopping district, and the Premium Outlet Malls

Mall at Millenia.

But, with all of these malls, comes the risk for shopping mall accidents.

When you think of shopping mall accidents, you probably think of slip and falls. While these might be the most common type of accidents in a mall, and they can certainly cause substantial damage, there are many other ways you can be injured while shopping.

Escalators and elevators are one of the more common causes of accidents in shopping malls. According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission and The Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR), approximately 17,000 people are injured each year in accidents involving escalators or elevators.

Escalator injuries can occur when clothes, shoes or even toes get caught inside the mechanism, or when mismatched steps cause the rider to trip. Even a sudden stop can cause a shopper to fall or otherwise injure themselves on an escalator.

Shoppers can be injured when elevator doors close on them or, in the most extreme case, an elevator cable breaks and causes the car to fall to the ground floor.

In Florida, and all 50 states, shopping mall owners have a legal duty of care to protect shoppers from harm while on their property by regularly inspecting and properly maintaining their facilities, including elevators and escalators. This means that if a shopper is injured by an escalator or elevator, the shopping mall owners may be liable.

For the most part, shopping can be a fun, enjoyable, and safe way to spend a day in Central Florida. But, if you are injured in a shopping mall, you may need the advice of a qualified attorney.